Data Analyst

Alined Consulting Group
  • Addison, TX
Salary: $80K/yr


A data analyst systematically collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses on data sets. Their responsibilities include: Data Cleaning and Preparation: This involves filtering the data, handling missing values, and preparing the dataset for analysis to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities Understand the day-to-day issues that our business faces, which can be better understood with data Compile and analyze data related to business' issues Develop clear visualizations to convey complicated data in a straightforward fashion


Job Type : Full_Time
Designation : Data Analyst
Posted on : 17 May 2024
Department : IT areas
Salary : $80K/yr
Qualification : Master's degree in Statistics
Work experience : 3-4 years
Openings : 4
Email : [email protected]
Contact : 214 446-3777
Website :
Application End : 31 May 2024